Accelerate Success: Elite Coaching for Efficient & Results Driven Entrepreneurs

Gain access to personalized training plans, expert nutrition guidance, and unwavering accountability.

Complete our strengths & weaknesses assessment

Complete our strengths & weaknesses assessment

Transform Your Life: Elevate Success and Well-Being

Experience a life-changing opportunity that unlocks your true potential and elevates your success in both your entrepreneurial journey and personal life. Our transformative coaching program provides you with the tools, guidance, and support needed to achieve remarkable results and create lasting positive changes.

The Challenge: Balancing Success and Health

As a successful entrepreneur or side hustler, you face the challenge of balancing your growing business demands with maintaining your health and well-being. The relentless pursuit of success can lead to weakened physical fitness, poor eating habits, and strained personal relationships, leaving you feeling drained, unfulfilled, and disconnected from what truly matters.

The Solution:

Reclaim your well-being from the relentless pursuit of success. Our holistic coaching program prevents burnout, restoring balance by harmonizing business achievements with personal health. With personalized training, expert nutrition, and consistent accountability, embrace newfound energy and resilience to thrive in both your professional and personal life. Say goodbye to exhaustion and disconnection; revitalize your mind, body, and soul today!

What's included?

personal workout plan

Training Program

Achieve your goals with our 12-week training program featuring a comprehensive exercise video library, personalized progressions & regressions, and strategic planning for continuous progress. Includes strength, cardio, and recovery work.

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Nutrition Coaching

Discover expert food recommendations that will fuel your body for success. We'll set precise calorie and macronutrient targets, ensuring you're on track to achieve optimal results. To make it even easier, we'll provide you with grocery lists that streamline your journey towards better health and well-being.

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Stay on track with 1:1 coaching, group lectures, hot seats, and unlimited check-ins. Embrace a supportive community with an accountability partner. Let's achieve greatness together!

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Special Bonuses!

Elevate your journey with surprise gifts, meet-ups, and engaging challenges. Celebrate victories and connect with like-minded individuals.





Success Stories

Mike Pastore:

"TAPS Training transformed my life! The focus on consistency and discipline fueled my results. Tailored strength training, nutrition guidance, and regular check-ins flipped my body. Thanks, TAPS, for the life-changing journey! 🙌"

Abbe Large:

"I cannot express enough gratitude for the transformation I've experienced under Rob's coaching program! In just 8 weeks, I've not only lost 8-10lbs, but also shrunk my waist by 5.5 inches and gained 10 inches on my butt! I've never felt stronger and more confident in my own skin.

Andre Carvalho:

"TAPS Training brought back my workout motivation! The weekly team accountability calls are energetic and keep me focused. I get all my workout and nutrition questions answered there. The support from the amazing group keeps me driven to succeed. More energy and the shape I want. Rob constantly adds value to the group—joining this program was a no-brainer! 🧠"

Landyn Traffas:

"Thanks to TAPS Training, I achieved more than I ever expected. Rob's personalized approach made me feel valued, not just a number. The group coaching program added a healthy community aspect, inspiring me to surpass my goals. Getting in shape was just the beginning—I'm truly grateful for the experience. Rob, you're the real deal! 😁"

From Overworked Entrepreneur to Thriving Well-Being

Discovering this transformative process years ago would have been a game-changer. As an overworked entrepreneur, I sacrificed my time, health, and relationships for the business grind, missing out on precious moments with my dad and skipping important events with friends. Now, this life-changing program has revitalized my body, relationships, and overall well-being. I'm driven to share this journey with others, empowering them to embrace true fulfillment, vibrant health, and thriving relationships.

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Rob Tracz is an expert at helping highly driven young professionals maximize their well-being and optimize their life & business. Rob is the founder and CEO of TAPS - Training, a successful and fast-scaling business that encompasses coaching, supplements, video courses, supportive community and more.

From numerous stages and podcasts, Rob has shared his message and taught hundreds of people to survive the side hustle and live optimally in order to look great, feel great & do great in life.

Rob holds a Masters of Science in Exercise Science with a concentration in injury prevention and performance enhancement from PennWest California and is a Strength and Conditioning Specialist with distinction and a level 2 Precision Nutrition certified coach.

Check out our Dietary Supplements & additional Products

Check out our Dietary Supplements & additional Products